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Eden - Thorgan Hazard, Paul - Florentin Pogba and Lucas - Theo Hernandez is 3 of the 10 most expensive brothers in football history.


1. Eden & Thorgan Hazard - €125.5 million (Belgium)

The two Hazard brothers all had their new parking lot this summer. For Eden, the 28-year-old midfielder left Chelsea for Real Madrid for €100 million (excluding fees).


Meanwhile, Thorgan broke up with M'Gladbach to head to Dortmund for €25.5 euros.

2. Paul & Florentin Pogba - €105.5 million (France)


In contrast to his younger brother Paul, Florentin Pogba did not have an impressive career and is currently on loan at Atlanta United 2.
However, with a price of up to €100 million, Paul was still able to join his brother ranked No. 2 on the list of the most expensive brothers and sisters on the planet.

3. Lucas & Theo Hernandez - €104 million (France)


Hernandez's family is really proud to have two talented sons. For Lucas, he left Atletico Madrid to join Bayern Munich for €80 million.

My brother Theo also wore a big club, Real Madrid in 2017, for €24 million. However, Theo did not compete for the main kick and last season had to play for Sociedad on loan.

4. Gonzalo & Federico Higuain - €91.3 million (Argentina)

Gonzalo Higuain is definitely the name that is familiar to fans. It is no coincidence that Juventus had to hook up to €90 million to bring him out of Napoli three years ago.


However, few people know that Gonzalo has an older brother, Federico. The 34-year-old striker has 7 years of tribute to Columbus Crew SC (USA). Most of Federico's career took place in the country of the flower flag as well as South America. In the past, he had a short time playing for Besiktas.

5. Romelu & Jordan Lukaku - €88.7 million (Belgium)


Romelu Lukaku was the most expensive Belgian player in history when he joined Man United in the summer of 2017 for €84.7 million (Hazard has dumped this record after coming to Real).

A year earlier, his brother Jordan came to Lazio for €4 million and now faces a dim future. Jordan recently failed to transfer to Newcastle due to a failed medical examination. Despite the career of the Lukaku siblings standing in front of the crossroads, the transfer value still helped them rank 5th in the list.

6. Kaka & Digao - €67.5 million (Brazil)


Kaka is a legend that anyone who loves a round ball knows, but his younger brother Digao does not. The 33-year-old former midfielder actually had six seasons for Milan (bought for £ 500,000 and only played a match), before wandering to different clubs like Standard Liege, Lecce or Crotone. He retired in 2013.

7. Anthony & Johan Martial - €60.8 million (France)


While Anthony was only in the early stages of his career after his time with Man United for €60 million, Johan had experienced many different berths. The 28-year-old midfielder is currently wearing the club Ashdod (Israel).

8. Rio & Anton Ferdinand - €56 million (UK)


Rio joined Man United for €46 million in 2002 and became the most expensive defender in the world at that time. Of course, the money that the Red Devils spent was worth every penny.
However, unlike Rio's brother, Anton was not that outstanding. The fee of €10 million transferred from West Ham to Sunderland is a bright spot in his career.

9. Yaya & Kolo Toure - €48.7 million (Ivory Coast)


Yaya and Kolo are probably the best co-brothers in the list, both in terms of value and talent. Both are Premier League champions. Kolo joined City for €18.7 million in 2009, and Toure also came to the Blue Man from Barcelona for €30 million.

10. Nemanja & Uros Matic - €47,7 million (Serbia)


The only couple from Eastern Europe to appear on the list. Nemanja went to Man United five years ago for €44.7 million, while his brother Uros joined Copenhagen that same year for €3 million.

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